Learn About Some Of The Most Popular Video Game Types

A game is a carefully planned pattern of play, normally undertaken for fun or amusement, and at times used as a teaching tool. Games are different from work, which is often carried out for remuneration; and from literature, which has been for centuries an expression of artistic or philosophical thoughts. Often a game can be of considerable interest to the players, who can take part in the design, development and testing of the game before its completion. It may also be used to provide challenges and inspiration to a group of players, contributing to their knowledge and skills, as well as keeping them actively involved.


There are several broad genres of game: board games, computer and video games, racing games, hobby games, word and war games, sports games, puzzles, card games, and hobby niche games. Board games include baccarat, bubble busters, game of luck, grapevine, and backgammon. Computer and video games include Age of Empire, Fall of Rome, Command and Conquer 3, Endless Space, Men and Monopoly. Racing games includeascar, race car, tank, classic auto race, tank race, ping pong, Pac-man, and wind-up series. Hobbies include animals, craft, music, model, puzzles, sports, war, toys, and watches. The variety of available genres and styles extends to video games, which include adventure, action, arcade, strategy, role-playing, sports, visual basic and object oriented.

The different types of board game mechanics, while having different levels of complexity, utilize some common elements, such as counters, cubes, numbers, dice and skill. These elements make the game mechanics respond to various stimuli and actions by generating different types of outcomes. For example, counters that are hit deal damage to a player or piece, cubes that are moved deal distance, and dice that are rolled deal luck factors.

Most adventure games are turn based and involve the player taking an action to resolve a problem. Typically, an action is some kind of physical activity such as moving from one room to another. The action is prompted by the players imagination and skill. Some popular examples of this genre include Beneath the Fall, Dune, Haunting Floor, and Mystical Ninja.

Turn based action games are very popular among casual gamers, since they require only a few movements per turn and often have unlimited action. Examples include Legend of Zelda, Secret of Solstise, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World, and Streets of Rage. They are also a fun fact because most games require the player to take an action every turn, making them very boring during play. Examples of this genre include Bejeweled, Freecell, Minicino, Sudoku, Super Crate Box, Stonehearth, and many more.

The last fun fact about adventure-advent RPG’s is that they often combine action-adventure games with puzzle games like Sudoku. Players must combine logic with strategy in order to clear all the levels in each game. Some examples of these games include Courier Chase, emention, Scrabble, and Scuzzle. These are just some of the most popular type of games around, proving how interesting, diverse, and fun they can be.