Importance Of Well-Being: A Healthy Life Can Never Be As Good As Healthy And Happy Life

Health is an overall condition of body, mind and spirit where infirmity and disease are absent. A number of definitions have existed over the years for various purposes. It has been called the State of Health, the Ideal State or the Universal Health System. The pursuit of happiness is directly associated with a person’s ability to manage his body, mind and spirit as healthy and functional states. Consequently, health can be attained by adopting certain behaviors and modifying others, depending on the need.

Health is one of the three fundamental pillars supporting personal welfare and individual responsibility. A healthy mind, body and spirit free you from many personal problems, including those related to the environment and society. When all these three pillars are in good shape, you are physically strong and mentally sound to face the challenges of life. However, when they are not in their proper position, health is disturbed and you become vulnerable to disease.

The causes of poor health conditions are related to stress, lack of sleep, improper diet and sedentary lifestyle. Mental stresses result in confusion, fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety. Physical ailments caused by physical work are back pains, headaches, back stiffness and neck aches, eye problems, obesity and ulcers. Psychological stresses include post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

Emotional and mental health conditions are interrelated. Stress results in anxiety, which in turn leads to emotional disorders like depression, anger and conflict. The other major aspect of mental health is integration of the spirit and mind, resulting in open communication and realistic thinking. When these aspects are not in place, you experience symptoms like forgetfulness, faulty thinking, paranoia and irrational fear. Mental illnesses are more common among the old people and mentally challenged people.

The physical symptoms of physical illness are fever, chills, headaches, diarrhea and vomiting. You may also feel restless and easily distracted. You have a high chance of catching flu and colds. You may have swollen or painful joints and muscles, frequent colds, breathing problem and other respiratory disorders. These physical conditions hinder your social well-being and make your life less enjoyable.

A happy and healthy lifestyle can not only improve your physical health and keep you fit and fine but also maintain good mental health. Maintaining good mental health can prevent the occurrence of physical health conditions. You should try to live a balanced life by avoiding vices like smoking, alcohol, drugs and junk foods.