Types of Board Games


Types of Board Games

A game is basically a structured form of playing, often undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as a teaching tool. Games are quite different from work, which usually is carried out mainly for recreation, and from film, which involves the application of creative skills or an artistic expression. The distinguishing feature of games is that the rules governing their play have not been set, but rather chosen to fit the style of play. This is one of the biggest challenges facing the game designer and player alike.

The most common types of game pieces are dice, marbles, plastic toys, wooden blocks, etc. Most games use these playing cards alone; although some games may combine the use of dice and other playing cards. In most cases (but not all) dice and playing cards are randomly selected. The dice determine the game outcome, while playing cards determine the positions of the game pieces on the playing field. If there are more players than dice can reasonably accommodate, a game board is used. Board game pieces are also randomly selected, although occasionally dice may be used in place of them.

The two main types of gambling games are card and board, each having its own distinctive characteristics and appeal. The major differences between these two games are in their playing methods. Although both use dice, card games generally use more abstract thinking skills in placing the game pieces on the field. This type of thinking is generally not associated with the ‘gambling’ element of card games.

Board games are traditionally played between competing players. They are usually controlled by a single player; however, they can be played between two players. A popular variation on the board game concept is the’Worker’s Vs. Worker’s Bonus Game,’ in which players are given specific objectives, earn money, and the objective is to make as many rolls of the dice as possible in order to accumulate the most money. Popular video games based on this concept include the Settlers of Canaan, Candy Land, and the Munchers: Monster Party.

One of the more interesting variations on the board game idea is to create a miniature game from playing pieces. This includes everything from marbles and chocolate coins to cows and pigs. Miniature board games can vary from the main article in this category as well. Some main article board games have players compete against each other using predetermined sets of pieces. Other board games feature players making their own personal board using whatever materials they desire.

The main article games include ones that are focused on gambling, while the miniature versions may not always be gambling related. Popular games include word games, including Scrabble and Uno; card games, including Chess and Solitaire; and musical and dance games, such as Candyland. Others include memory and strategy games like Spades and Mentalist. Although some main article board games do incorporate gambling, they are not as common as ones that do not. There are a number of different styles of game that can be played, providing a means for almost anybody to participate in the game.