Types of Art: Abstract, Realistic and Conceptual Art

An artist is someone who makes art in a form that can be appreciated by all. ‘High culture’ is the term most commonly used for cultural activities and individual personality of a person. This is for instance painting, drawing, acting, dancing, poetry, writing, film, and music. In some cases, an artistic person who is extremely good at his or her chosen profession is known as an artist, no matter it’s not necessarily considered to be art. For instance writers, painters, photographers, cinematographers, and composers are all regarded as artists in certain circles of the population.


Defined as an artist, means producing works of visual or performing art with the intention of making something beautiful. Aesthetics has various aspects and includes aesthetic value, significance, the effect it has on a person’s behavior, the degree of involvement, and the audience’s response to it. Artistic works can be classified as being in literature, music, film, architecture, sculpture, printmaking, pottery, and paintings. However, the term can also apply to the output of other forms of output like music, drama, dance, spectacle, performance, computer generated imagery, video games, and any other form of output that make an impression to others.

Muses are the creative individual beings who are the sole authors of their own works. There are many definitions of a Muse in art, but generally they are defined as the creators or authors of their own works. They are usually the most knowledgeable about the origin, techniques, and ideas of their works. In other words, the Muse is the ultimate expert in the field of the artist because he/she is directly or indirectly involved in every stage of the creative process. They are able to guide, inspire, instruct, and defend the artists against any attacks by other artists or other experts in their particular field.

Aesthetic value is subjective and it differs from person to person. In general, the beauty of a piece of art is judged based on its ability to be appreciated by its viewers. The ability to create beautiful things is the basic talent that all artists have and it gives them the freedom to express their ideas. As a result, each artist has to find out how to create his own style so that he/she is in charge of his/her own personality and artistic personality.

Conceptual art, as well as other kinds of abstract art, are expressions of the artist’s innermost feelings and emotions. Abstract art was basically created in order to “spark” people’s imagination and make them see the world in a new light. While Jackson Pollock may have created the charcoal sketch that became the basis for the charcoal drawing known as “Chalk”, there is still no concrete evidence as to whether this was Pollock’s original vision or not.

Landscape paintings can depict natural scenes such as fields, forests, seasides and cities. These types of pictures bring serenity to the mind and allow the artist to let his/her imagination run free. An artist may also choose to create a landscape painting while he/she is travelling on vacation somewhere and get inspired by the scenery around them.