The Connection Between Wellness, Health Issues, and Personal Hygiene


The Connection Between Wellness, Health Issues, and Personal Hygiene

It has been said that the secret of happiness is health. Happiness is subjective, individual and varies from one person to another. Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is an “uneven condition of the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of an individual not in his physical, mental, and emotional capacities.” Various definitions have also been used over time for various purposes.

Good health is defined as having the ability to undertake activities that are of a normal range and maintain reasonable limits and coping with demands. The ability to handle oneself and one’s physical environment reasonably is considered a manifestation of good health. It is also necessary to have a sense of self-worth and confidence. One should be able to respect one’s body and accept limitations that come with old age. There is also a need for one to be physically fit and free from pains in the joints, back, neck and bones. Illness and disability are major risk factors for ill health.

Being healthy requires making some lifestyle choices that will help you lead a long and productive life. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to make sure you get regular exercise and make healthy food choices. A balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients is a major cornerstone of living a healthy lifestyle. Making the right choices in the area of your health will help you avoid getting sick and getting involved in any kind of communicable diseases.

Healthy lifestyle choices includes keeping yourself clean and free of germs. You must stay away from poor personal hygiene such as being overweight or suffering from skin conditions such as acne, boils or warts. This will result in your being more prone to communicable diseases. Staying away from poor personal hygiene means not being exposed to unsafe conditions such as unsafe food and contaminated water sources. You must also avoid poor physical fitness habits such as skipping your workout routines.

Your emotional well being and your physical wellness both play a huge role in your personal health. Emotional wellness includes having a strong mental capacity that will enable you to live well with others and with self. If you do not have strong coping skills and ability to manage your emotions, you may find yourself getting involved in any kinds of unhealthy behaviors such as overeating or procrastinating and avoiding socializing with others. Your emotional well being will affect the quality of your physical health. When you have a positive mental state, you will be less likely to get involved in unhealthy behaviors.

Mental health issues include dealing with anxiety and depression and managing stress. Anxiety can lead to serious health issues such as heart disease. Depression can cause severe changes in your emotions and other bodily functions. Managing stress will help you manage your emotions and other bodily functions. Emotional well-being will improve your physical well-being.