Different Types Of Artists

An artist is an individual involved in an artistic activity committed to producing art, practicing the fine arts, or showing an artistic talent. In common use, the term artist applies only to a single practitioner in the visual arts alone. However, in the field of visual arts such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, music, dance, architecture, television, video, and theater, the term artist covers a broad range of people who may not be considered purely visual artists.


Visual art usually refers to those activities with a view toward producing a work of art that exhibits an artist’s distinctive style and vision. Most artists make art out of the natural products of the artist’s area of expertise, such as his food and gardens, but many artists also use more technological means of expression. For example, some painters make their paintings from photographs or film negatives. Other artists make their works of art from computer programs.

Some artists specialize in one specific type of art. For example, the Printmaker, who makes art reproductions of works of other artists, such as landscape paintings. The Pop Artist, on the other hand, makes art reproductions of popular culture icons and other well-known figures. A Pop Artist can do almost anything his or her hands can reach, whereas a Printmaker would have limitations to what he or she can copy.

An Arsonist is an artist who creates art from the ashes of pre-existing structures like buildings and houses. He works with fire and burns portions of the building to create his pieces of art. Pre-historic man might have used fire to create artwork, but we don’t know. Today, modern art enthusiasts go to great lengths to restore old buildings to their original condition. Art conservationists are specialists to bring the art back to its original state from becoming damaged through smoke, fire, and water damage.

Architectural artiste construct their masterpieces out of several materials. Some of these include glass, stone, metal, wood, clay, ceramic, fiber, shell, stone, rocks, shells, and metals. This profession requires an artist to not only be artistic but also to have knowledge of construction techniques, safety procedures, as well as the different types of materials used. Many architects, sculptors, and painters have found that being an architectural artiste is the most rewarding profession in all of the arts.

There are other types of artists besides the ones that have been mentioned above. The Abstract Expressionist painted anything from everyday objects to famous works of art. The Multi-artist types paint from various mediums like drawing, film, photography, and sculpture. The Traditional artist paints portraits, landscapes, fountains, and decorative wall paintings. Each one has his or her own special area of specialty, but there are many similarities between all of these types of artist.