Dating Mind Games

A game is basically a structured form of gaming, usually undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times also used as a teaching tool. Games are very different from work, which typically is carried out for monetary remuneration, and in comparison to art, which almost always is an expression of personal or aesthetic elements. In games the objective is not to beat the computer, but to entertain oneself, typically by achieving some goal. Although many people regard playing games as an idle activity, this has not been the case since the beginning of gaming. Games develop the cognitive skills and develop the ability to create discipline and positive thinking.


Game development was first associated with computer games, but with the proliferation of cellular telephones and their various abilities to allow players to communicate; a new medium was opened up. Early computer games had simple graphics, but the quality was poor. The concept of game design changed with advances in technology, and new platforms were introduced such as the Z-Box system, Game Boy Advanced and Gamevance. These next-generation platforms allowed advanced artificial intelligence and sophisticated 3D visual effects.

As Chris Crawford got more involved in the industry, he realized that computer games had a serious educational component. Children as young as three or four were being taught board game rules, and that the best way to learn was through simulation. The idea was to allow the child to play the game without having any knowledge of how the pieces on the board were made or what they would do in a particular scenario. His vision was realized when he helped design the Game Boy Color, the first widely accepted computer game for children. A similar board game called Coloring Pages developed by Raggedy Ann, Inc. was released in the same year, followed by a sequel, Color Connect, for a few more years.

He now works with the Electronic Arts corporation on their popular game, Mirror’s Edge. Chris has contributed design elements to the game, and he enjoys playing hard board games with his daughter, going to farmer’s markets, and cooking for her. “I get to be outside, have a good time, make things with my hands,” he says. According to him, it feels good to know that his efforts are paying off.

He has also contributed ideas to several popular online dating game programs. In one of them, he says, players take on the persona of someone else in order to go on a date with someone they find interesting. In this game, one person takes on the persona of a hot bartender, while another goes as a restaurant chef. When they meet up, one player will be asked to cook, while the other takes on the role of doing bartering. Each player controls a mini-computer in this game, according to its location on your computer screen.

This is only one of the mind games experts who has found his niche in the world of dating. He says that the key to winning is to lead someone through the experience of dating — by giving them positive experiences, rather than negative ones. He also says to beware of the “trickery” involved in dating. “You’ll see a lot of it, if you’re playing the online dating game,” he says. But whatever you do, he advises, play fair!