Creating Art Through Different Styles

An artist is someone involved in an artistic activity or practicing the arts, be it in the form of painting, sculpture, music, literature, dance, gardening, knitting, pottery or architecture. The term is usually applied to such an artist either in the visual arts alone, or in conjunction with other artists. The more common use in academic speech and everyday conversation refers generally to a visual artist in the visual arts alone.


One of the main characteristics of an artist is that he or she must continually create new and interesting ideas and new ways of presenting those ideas on the canvas. For example, if an artist paints a portrait of a person who is dead, the artist must have some new ideas to present to the viewing public about this dead person. A painter may make a painting that represents his or her favorite pet or child. In the same way, an artist must constantly come up with new ideas to paint about. The artist’s creativity is limitless, and no boundaries exist to the imagination.

Most people associate the term artist with professional artists whose work they admire and who may choose to display their work at the National Art Gallery or the Academy of Art Institutes. However, there are a number of different sub-types of artists ranging from professional painters who sell paintings at auctions or consignment shops, to artisans who may choose to focus on one craft. There are also artists who may choose to focus on drawing, sculpting, woodworking, writing, sculpture, photography, film, pottery, photography or any other craft.

A gudea artiste is a type of artist who makes decorative items such as figurines, vases, water bottles and other similar items out of clay. A gudea artiste normally creates simple masterpieces which they then turn into decorative objects by polishing, molding and adding decorations. This type of artist may produce objects on a small scale before turning their focus to something more intricate. In Japan, there are many gudea artists who can create complex 3D figures and images that can then be used as floor planters, tea table legs, desk lamps and even tablecloths.

Another type of artist is the impressionist. Impressionists typically paint pictures with large brushstrokes and sketch with a wide variety of hand tools. They rely on their creativity and the power of their imagination, and they are not afraid to put a little bit of themselves in their work. Just like gudea artists, impressionists have to constantly come up with new ideas for painting, although these ideas may vary. An impressionist artist may use charcoal, watercolor, water, and pastels, just to name a few of the tools that he or she will need to develop his or her style.

Finally, there are the abstract or ‘post-modern’ artists. These artists do not rely on the traditional tools of painting like brushes, palette, pad and pencils, etc. Instead, they utilize technology and other forms of media such as photography, video, and installation art to communicate their ideas. Some of the many abstract artists that you will come across include Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, Morris Louis, sprayed canvases, and many others. These artists have all used some form of technology to convey their messages, whether they use painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, videos, sound, or other forms of media.